Our hotel is within walking distance from Shinsaibashi and Namba area!
Hotel Shinsaibashi Arty Inn

Hotel Shinsaibashi ARTY Inn, Women’s Beauty Lounge
Privacy Policy

The personal information of the customers entered on the website of the Shinsaibashi Arty Inn when making reservations, making inquiries, etc., is strictly maintained in our database. This information may only be used by our hotel or its affiliates to provide a service that is beneficial to you and for the following purposes.:

Use of personal information
We will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act, recognize its importance and treat it with care, and use it to create booking records or answer inquiries. In addition, if our hotel needs to contact you, we may contact you by email, phone or letter.
Management of personal information

Although the data in which your personal information is registered when you use this website is strictly controlled by a person in charge of administration at our hotel, we may disclose your personal information to a third party in the following cases.

  • When disclosure is necessary for the purpose of providing services to customers
  • In case the customer consents to the disclosure of information.
  • In case we receive an official inquiry based on the law from a public institution such as the police or a court.
  • In any other case that is critical and urgent to you, to third parties, and to our hotel.
Change, correction or deletion of registered information
If there are any changes in your registration information, please contact us immediately. Changes, corrections and deletions may be made upon request.
Changes to Hotel Privacy Policy
If there are any changes to the contents of this page, we will announce them on this website.