Our hotel is within walking distance from Shinsaibashi and Namba area!
Hotel Shinsaibashi Arty Inn

Hotel Shinsaibashi ARTY Inn, Large Public Bath
COVID-19 Notice

Our efforts to prevent the spread of
COVID-19 infection.

Shinsaibashi ARTY Inn strives to prevent the spread of infection with the highest priority on the health and safety of customers and employees, and conducts sales based on policies and guidance from the government and local governments.

Request to Customers

Wearing a mask
We will leave this to your personal judgment.

Cooperation in alcohol disinfection
We have warm towels ready for you when you visit, so please feel free to use them..

Cooperation with temperature check
If a fever of more than 37.5 ℃ is detected, we will respond according to the instructions of the health center.

Line up with space between
To avoid crowding, we recommend that up to 4 people use the elevator.

No cleaning during multiple nights
For guests staying multiple nights, we will provide new towels in a bag and hang them on the doorknob。

Please let us know if you feel unwell.

Employee Initiatives

Wearing a mask
We will work wearing a mask.

Conducting temperature checks
We conduct temperature checks thoroughly when we go to work.

Hand washing and disinfection
We wash our hands thoroughly and sanitize our hands regularly.

Installation of splash prevention sheet
Because we meet and serve customers, we have installed splash prevention sheets.

Ventilation inside the building
The entrance, front desk and employees’ offices are regularly well ventilated.

Disinfection of common areas
We regularly disinfect common areas.